Last weekend, GMA’s newest sitcom starred by the network’s Queen no less had its pilot, together with its cast of premier comedy actors and budding young stars.

‘Tweets for my Sweet’ is 45-minute sitcom about a woman working in a coffee shop, struggling from her meagre income, and finding ways to fulfil her grandfather’s wishes for her to venture into a business. The show is primarily situated in the coffee shop where the lead, played by Marian Rivera, is working.
Playing the obnoxious and strict shop manager is Roderick Paulate, reviving his popular role ever on television sitcoms, a closet queen who is a single father to the character of Elmo Magalona. Joining them is the old co-worker played by Nova Villa, who appears to have known their boss’ dirty little secret.
Sheena Halili is also part of the show’s ensemble, playing a rich girl-turned broke who applied for a job in the coffee shop. Surprisingly, without any skills to boot, was accepted. Barbie Forteza is playing Marian’s little sister, and of course, because it is requisite for Filipino television viewing, as love interest to Elmo Magalona’s character. They just have to add a tween love angle on this, perhaps to draw in younger audience.
If the show’s plot looked familiar to you, then don’t wonder. For the show is clearly a rip-off of ‘2 Broke Girls’, the American sitcom being aired on CBS. The two shows share similar lead, a goal to go into business, and a workplace-sitcom where typically all the comedy must take place.
Even Sheena Halili’s character is a loud shout of rip-off from one of ‘2 Broke Girls’ lead character, a former ultra wealthy heiress who have gone broke after her father was convicted from a sort of Ponzi scheme.
The show is generally funny, credits being given to Marian’s natural flare in comedy, Roderick’s classic role and Sheena Halili’s understated comedic talent. Marian Rivera is one actress who can easily switch from drama to comedy, much like GMA’s answer to ABS-CBN’s Angelica Panganiban.
Her natural attack on the role is commendable, being clearly distinctive from most of her past drama shows. It is a Marian that is spontaneous, jolly and real-life.
While her character is basically a support, Sheena has never failed me on her comedic adeptness. She is just so natural, and her delivery of lines is of with timing. Personally, I believe her network should find this lady any lead project, be it a romantic comedy on primetime, or another sitcom where she could shine on her own. She is the saving grace of the show.
Of course, Roderick Paulate did an amazing job on a role which have been exhausted, err say exploited since the 90s. His closet queen role has been his trademark, and no one does this like he did. This is one role which no matter how rehash the show is, would stand out as a comedy of its own.
Although I find the mix of cast members as a good one, I am still wondering what could be Mike Bustos’ significance on the show. His one liner on the pilot episode has been a dud, and didn’t elicit any laugh from my part. He’s way funnier on Youtube than on TV.
It is only sad to note how the show has been overly obvious as a half-baked copy of an American sitcom, especially coming from a network which boasts and claims how it was able to produce the most innovative shows in the country. Innovative my ass.
Comedy has been a hallmark of GMA Network. With it’s gag show ‘Bubble Gang’ and hits of the past like ‘Bahay Mo Ba ‘To?’, ‘Ober Da Bakod’ and recent offering ‘Pepito Manaloto’, it won’t hurt if they have tried creating an original concept which could blend in well the casts.
Instead, the network again played safe and gave us viewers a cheap copycat, hoping that the ‘masa’ won’t take notice. GMA can do way better than that!

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