The latest television season has ended and now, tv junkies are both excited and anxious of the upcoming season for new series to follow.

Although I watch too much TV, my personal weakness is still feel-good laugh out loud comedies. Last season’s new comedy offerings were a bit lackluster but the old ones are still doing great. And a sort of paying homage to the last season, here’ s my rundown list of my fave sitcoms.

No. 5: 2 Broke Girls – finished season 1 and renewed for 2nd season

CBS freshman comedy featuring a street-smart poverty stricken waitress and a newly-bankrupted socialite is totally a riot…in a hilarious way. Following the struggles of the two main characters is timely, considering the recession, but it’s not depressing in any way. Writers Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings made the two so endearing that you’ll love to join these strong-willed ladies in their plight to chase success.

Although a bit vulgar, with sex jokes all over, the delivery and precise timing of Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs make it totally hilarious. On the other hand, I am a bit worried how the show could sustain the comedy when it chiefly anchors on racist punchlines and stereotypes as primary source of laughter. It won’t always be saved by the two lead’s chemistry and the fun seeing two oddballs building that unexpected friendship.

No. 4: Suburgatory – ended the first season and renewed for season 2

What I love this sitcom is how the writers have perfectly blended the show to be both satiric and emotionally engaging. Although this show is one of those who make fun out of stereotypes, this one stood out for its impressive execution and glossy appeal. The show’s strength is basically the father-daughter tandem of actors Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy.  The emotional appeal of show overshadows the part wherein it has given over emphasis on caricatures amid the bright visual style and flamboyant choreography. The only potential challenge for this show is to keep the satire on suburban living multi-dimensional to avoid it from becoming a cliché.

As I said, satire and emotional engagement are delicate elements to handle both in a show. One mistake could fatally hurt the very concept of the show which makes it something to look forward to episode by episode.

No. 3: The Big Bang Theory – finished season 5 and renewed for 6th season

Although there have been moments I felt the show is going to a different direction on its 5th season, this comedy about nerds and one normal girl is something that has not gone tired. The cartoonish yet precisely written plots, and the constant reference to pop culture still rocks, although there are times during the 5th season that the portrayal of the ‘geek’ culture became satirical. The highest rated comedy show in the US, I rank this one on the 3rd spot because oftentimes I feel the laugh tracks are forcing me to laugh on nerdy joke that’s supposed to be funny because it’s nerdy. I find a comedy effective when I am laughing on it so hard without the tracks telling me to do so.

The show had its high and down, but it is still currently one of TV’s best ensemble. You follow the show not only because of the jokes, but because you have felt you’re already part of the group while watching it season by season. It may lack the heart of other comedies, but it has this endearing charm of friendship between the oddball set of characters.

No. 2: Community – wrapped up the third season and renewed for season 4

This NBC comedy is by far the one I can totally relate with. The schools setting is very nostalgic and the characters remind me so much of my friends. The show boasts a comedy style that is both bright and quick. The endemble of unique and odd characters is perfect for a comedy that parodies pop culture.

The frequent reference to pop culture makes the show not only funny, but insightful and thought-provoking as well. It is not a comedy out of silliness and being dumb. It elicits laughter from quick-thinking comparisons to societal norms and the casts wit and impeccable timing. The writers have continuously pushed the boundaries and have created a new level of creative realm. This is the comedy for clever people. And I do think, I am one.

No. 1: Modern Family – finished 3rd season and officially renewed for season 4

This one is by far the best comedy on television right now. The combination of funny plots and the heart-warming lesson being imparted at the end of each episode is a beacon of entertainment. The family entertainment concept is nothing new on TV. The sitcoms of past decades were filled with odd families — some were of witched, of monsters and vampires. But Modern Family take on the unique dimension of the family model on the 21st century that goes beyond generations, gender and culture.

After the laugh the show elicits per episode, it has never failed to allow its audience make realizations about the importance of family, no matter how odd and different they maybe.