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First Look on ‘This Guy’s In Love With U Mare’

The most anticipated movie of the season This Guy’s In Love With U Mare has finally released its full trailer before hitting the theaters on the 10th of October.

And as usual, DJ Durano is playing another pivotal role (pun intended) as this film is another Wenn Deramas material. It seems that the actor has become the unofficial trademark of Direk Wenn on his films, regardless of the genre and concept.

The film will be another attempt of Star Cinema and Viva Films to replicate the success of Vice Ganda’s previous films. It seems that the two movie studios are following the adage, “Strike while the iron is hot”. The comedian is definitely one of the hottest commodity in showbiz nowadays, with a daily show and a top rating latenight comedy talk show. He had topbilled two comedy films, the last was Praybeyt Benjamin, currently the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

Although the film features humor typical of Wenn Deramas films, it personally didn’t elicit much laughter from me. It felt forced, plus the fact that I have this inclination to be annoyed by Luis Manzano’s mere presence. The trailer also failed to showcase Toni’s comedic talent, as the focus has been much to Vice and his antics.

Take a look at the trailer:

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