Primetime Monday will be extremely competitive as ABS-CBN premieres its newest primetime show, which will directly rival GMA Network’s big-budgeted primetime drama.

The 7:30  PM or the post newscast slot has historically been one of Philippine primetime’s most important and most lucrative timeslot. It has previously been home to many of the country’s most watched, most successful television shows. Thus, it’s no wonder that networks are placing their best bets here.


GMA, earlier this year, premiered the Bong Revilla Jr. starrer Indio. It is a time period drama set during the Spanish period in the Philippines with some elements of fantasy, featuring diwatas and Bong Revilla with super human strength. The show’s ratings is of great improvement versus the former occupant Aso ni San Roque. Indio is one of the best performing series in Mega Manila, contesting ratings leadership with fellow GMA show Temptation of Wife.

The Kapamilya network is placing another fantasy drama against GMA’s Indio with the newest Coco Martin starrer Juan Dela Cruz. This heavily promoted new show will also deal with Filipino folklore, but will be set in the modern world. The series banks on Coco Martin’s current popularity, the iconic Pinoy identity Juan Dela Cruz as the title role, and the incorporation of popular Filipino characters.

As a viewer, which of these shows will you watch?

Will you tune in to Bong Revilla and his exploits as the Filipino hero fighting the foreign invaders? Or will you join CoCo Martin as Juan Dela Cruz in his fight against evil and the dreaded aswangs?

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