GMA Network, using its official Twitter userhandle, announced that its main channels GMA and GMA News TV are experiencing some disruptions among Skycable subscribers.

They urge their loyal viewers to report these disruptions to SkyCable, again via the network’s official Twitter Account.


SkyCable immediately made a response, and through their official Twitter account @SKYserves tweeted the following statement:

Due to some technical concerns, your digibox may be unable to receive the GMA7 feed on channel 12 right now. We have temporarily placed GMA7 on channel 99 so that you can continue watching your favorite programs. Kindly refresh your box by visiting this link: Thank you.

But the disruptions have already made some fans speculate that rival network ABS-CBN is behind this, and is sabotaging GMA’s channels. SkyCable, the country’s largest cable provider is owned by the Lopez Group, and is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation.

Reports of signal disruptions of GMA and GMA News TV channels are nothing new. There were several instances before that SkyCable has transferred GMA to a temporary channel due to technical problems.

Apparently, these new disruptions are contained in Mega Manila area only, as some subscribers from neighboring provinces have reported, and even in our own home, that GMA’s two channels are in clear and good reception.

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