ABOUT A BOY (single-camera)
STUDIO: Universal TV/True Jack Prods/Working Title/Tribeca Prods
TEAM: Jason Katims (w, ep), Michelle Lee (p), Jon Favreau (d)
LOGLINE: Follows the relationship between a bachelor man-child and the young boy who moves in next door with his kooky single mother.
CAST: David Walton, Minnie Driver, Anjelah N. Johnson, Benjamin Stockham

ASSISTANCE (single-camera)
STUDIO: Universal TV/Gary Sanchez Prods
TEAM: Leslye Headland (w, ep), Will Ferrell (ep), Adam McKay (ep), Chris Henchy (ep), Jessica Elbaum (ep), Owen Burke (ep), Krysten Ritter (p)
LOGLINE: An idealistic “working girl” assistant is pulled between her colleague (“work husband”) and her real-life fiance while trying to manage a demanding (translation: crazy) boss. Based on a play by Headland.
CAST: Krysten Ritter, Zach Cregger, Peter Cambor, Vinette Robinson

STUDIO: Sony Pictures TV/Fedora Entertainment
TEAM: Andrew Leeds (w, ep), David Lampson (w, ep), Peter Tolan (ep), Michael Wimer (ep), Matt Tarses (ep), David Wain (d)
LOGLINE: Stories from Brenda Miller’s (Ellie Kemper) past and present are interwoven to give a unique portrait of how a chubby, awkward, but incredibly confident 13-year-old grew up to be a 31-year-old woman who still marches to the beat of her own drum.
CAST: Ellie Kemper, Da’vine Joy Randolph

DONOR PARTY (single-camera)
STUDIO: Lionsgate/Media Talent Group/Universal Television
TEAM: Alex Schemmer (w, ep), Geyer Kosinski (ep), Todd Holland (d, ep), Karey Burke (ep)
LOGLINE: Ensemble is focused on an irresponsible man forced to grow up when he discovers he has children resulting from his days as a sperm donor. A new family unit develops when a single mom contacts him and he begins to have a relationship with her and the son he never knew he had.

THE GATES (single-camera)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/Kapital Entertainment
TEAM: Cathy Yuspa (w, ep), Josh Goldsmith (w, ep), Marc Buckland (d), Aaron Kaplan (ep), Laurence Bowen (ep), Philip Clarke (ep)
LOGLINE: An adult ensemble set at the front gates of an elementary school drop-off and revolving around the parents, school staff and 15-minute social minefield they navigate at the beginning and end of each school day. Based on UK series.
CAST: Kathleen Rose Perkins, Ken Marino, Greg Germann (replaced Aasif Mandvi after table read), Christina Kirk, Diana Maria Riva, Josh Grisetti, Echo Kellum (guest star, replaced Justin Chon after table read), Stephen Guarino

GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA (single-camera)
STUDIO: Universal TV/Wolf Films
TEAM: Dick Wolf (ep), Liz Brixius (w, ep), Danielle Gelber (ep), Peter Jankoswki (ep)
LOGLINE: After almost two decades, a 34-year-old woman wakes up from a coma to find out she has a 17-year-old daughter from a pregnancy she was unaware of when her life was put on hold. Based on Douglas Coupland’s book.
CAST: Christina Ricci, Miranda Cosgrove, Daniel Stern

HOLDING PATTERNS (multi-camera)
STUDIO: Universal TV/TBD Prods
TEAM: Justin Spitzer (w, ep), Peter Traugott (ep), Rachal Kaplan (ep)
LOGLINE: Ensemble about a group of friends whose lives completely change after they survive a plane crash.
CAST: Humphrey Ker, Chyler Leigh

JOE, JOE & JANE (multi-camera)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Joe Port (w, ep), Joe Wiseman (w, ep)
LOGLINE: Loosely based on the relationship between Port, Wiseman and Wiseman’s wife, the series centers on a conflict-avoidant children’s book author caught in an ongoing tug of war between two needy, flawed people: his wife and his co-author/best friend. It’s not about a couple — it’s about a trouple.
CAST: Sally Pressman, Dave Annable, Larry Wilmore, Will Greenberg, Lauren Lapkus, Asif Ali

UNDATEABLE (multi-camera)
STUDIO: Warner Bros. TV/Doozer Prods
TEAM: Adam Sztykiel (w, ep), Bill Lawrence (ep), Jeff Ingold (ep)
LOGLINE: Young ensemble centering on a group of friends dubbed the “Undateables” whose lives are altered when a more confident character enters their world.
CAST: Brent Morin, Rick Glassman

UNTITLED DJ NASH (single-camera)
STUDIO: Universal TV/Aggregate Films
TEAM: DJ Nash (w, ep), Jason Bateman (ep), Jim Garavente (ep)
LOGLINE: A son who idolizes his blind father and is bemused by his mother’s newfound adolescence watches his family come closer together post-divorce.
CAST: Parker Posey, Eli Baker, Ava Deluca-Verley, JK Simmons

STUDIO: Universal TV/Deedle Dee Prods/3 Arts Entertainment
TEAM: Robert Padnick (w, ep), Greg Daniels (ep), Tracy Katsky (ep), Howad Klein (ep)
LOGLINE: A look at the trials and tribulations of dating in your 20s as explored through a group of friends.
CAST: Adhir Kalyan

STUDIO: Universal TV/Deedle-Dee Productions/ 3 Arts
TEAM: Owen Ellickson (w, ep), Greg Daniels (ep), Tracy Katsky (ep), Howard Klein (ep), Mark Schulman (ep), Craig Robinson (p)
LOGLINE: Centers around a talented musician (Craig Robinson) who adjusts to his new life as a middle school music teacher, where he maneuvers precocious kids, teacher politics, and the temptations of single moms.
CAST: Craig Robinson, Larenz Tate, Amanda Lund

UNTITLED MICHAEL J FOX (single-camera, 22-episode series order for fall)
STUDIO: Sony TV/Olive Bridge Entertainment
TEAM: Sam Laybourne (w, ep), Will Gluck (d, ep), Richard Schwartz (co-ep)
LOGLINE: Loosely based on Michael J Fox’s real life, a husband and father of three in New York City deals with family, career, and challenges – including Parkinson’s disease.
CAST: Michael J Fox, Betsy Brandt, Wendell Pierce, Katie Finneran, Conor Romero, Jack Gore, Ana Nogueira

UNTITLED SEAN HAYES (multi-camera)
STUDIO: Universal TV/Hazy Mills
TEAM: Victor Fresco (w, ep), Hayes (ep), Todd Milliner (ep), James Burrows (d)
LOGLINE: Centers on Sean (Hayes), who must figure out how to parent his 14-year-old daughter, who just moved in, while navigating a temperamental new boss at work.
CAST: Sean Hayes, Thomas Lennon, Linda Lavin, Echo Kellum, Samantha Isler, Lindsay Sloane

STUDIO: Universal TV/Broadway Video/3Arts
TEAM: John Mulaney (w, ep), Lorne Michaels (ep), Andrew Singer (ep), Dave Becky (ep), David Miner (ep)
LOGLINE: Young ensemble comedy based loosely on Mulaney’s life.
CAST: John Mulaney, Elliot Gould, Martin Short

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY (single-camera)
TEAM: Mike Sikowitz (w, ep)
LOGLINE: Cultures collide when a white family and a Latino family are bonded together by their children who fall in love followed quickly by an unplanned pregnancy.
CAST: Mike O’Malley, Justina Machado, Mary McCormack, Ella Rae Peck, Aramis Knight

UNTITLED JESSICA SIMPSON PROJECT (single-camera, presentation)
STUDIO: Universal TV/Electus
TEAM: Nick Bakay (w, ep), Jessica Simpson (ep), Ben Silverman (ep), Joe Simpson (ep), Jimmy Fox (co-ep)
LOGLINE: Inspired by the life of singer-actress Jessica Simpson.
CAST: Jessica Simpson


AFTER HOURS (off-cycle)
TEAM: Gabe Sachs (w, ep), Jeff Judah (w, ep), Pierre Morel (d)
LOGLINE: An ensemble medical show about a group of Army doctors who return to work the night shift together at a hospital in San Antonio.
CAST: Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Freddy Rodriguez, Ken Leung, Jeananne Goossen, Robert Bailey Jr, Brigid Brannagh

STUDIO: Warner Bros. TV/ Bad Robot
TEAM: Alfonso Cuaron (w, d, ep), Mark Friedman (w, ep), J. J. Abrams (ep), Bryan Burk (ep)
LOGLINE: An unlikely relationship develops between a young girl with a gift and a man sprung from prison who has been tasked with protecting her from the evil elements that hunt her power.
CAST: Jake McLaughlin, Johnny Sequoyah, Delroy Lindo, Sienna Guillory, Jamie Chung

TEAM: Jon Bokenkamp (w, ep), John Eisendrath (ep, showrunner), John Davis (ep), John Fox (ep)
LOGLINE: The world’s most wanted criminal mysteriously turns himself in and offers to give up everyone he has ever worked with. His only condition is he will only work with a newly minted FBI agent with whom he seemingly has no connection.
CAST: Megan Boone

STUDIO: Universal TV/Film 44
TEAM: David Graziano (w, ep), Peter Berg (d, ep), Sarah Aubrey (ep)
LOGLINE: Set against the backdrop of modern suburbia, it follows the story of an orphaned young girl, Bird Benson, who, due to an accident of birth, is caught in the epic struggle between two warring families of mercenaries and killers. Mentored by a mysterious Chinese man, Bird must accept the quest to find and defeat her mother in mortal combat if she is ever to lead a normal life.
CAST: Skyler Samuels, Jonathan Banks, KaDee Strickland

STUDIO: ABC Studios/Denver & Delilah/Tower Hill/Beau Flynn Prods/ Grady Girl)
TEAM: John Glenn (w,ep), Charlize Theron (ep), AJ Dix (ep), Dawn Olmstead (ep), Beau Flynn (ep), Michael Mayer (d)
LOGLINE: Set in present day Pittsburgh, a startling death re-ignites the feud between these two legendary families.  Unleashing decades of resentment, the blue collar McCoys will put the Hatfields’ wealth and power at risk as they go to war for control of the city.
CAST: Rebecca De Mornay, Nick Westrate, Sophia Bush, Virginia Madsen, Jesse Lee Soffer, Patrick Flueger

STUDIO: Universal TV
TEAM: Mark Goffman (w), Jo Nesbo (ep), Katie Jacobs (ep), Daniel Rappaport (ep), Meghan Lyvers (ep), Niclas Salmonsson (ep)
LOGLINE: The series centers on a high powered divorce attorney with a unique view of relationships and is described as “House as a divorce attorney”.
CAST: John Stamos, Matthew Lillard, Megan Dodds

STUDIO: Universal TV
TEAM: Mike Caleo (w, ep), Teri Weinberg (ep), John Davis (ep), John Fox (ep)
LOGLINE: A reboot of the 1967 detective drama Ironside. Centers on a tough, sexy and acerbic police detective relegated to a wheelchair after a shooting as he pushes and prods his hand-picked team to solve the most difficult cases in the city.
CAST: Blair Underwood, Neil Bledsoe, Brent Sexton, Pablo Schreiber, Neal Bledsoe

STUDIO: Warner Bros TV/Bruckheimer Television
TEAM: Sascha Penn (w, ep), Jerry Bruckheimer (ep), Jonathan Littman (ep), KristieAnne Reed (co-ep)
LOGLINE: A thriller-dramatic soap that centers on a murder and the secrets and lies within a tightly woven group of three suburban couples and their families exposed in its aftermath. Inspired by Josie Brown’s 2010 novel.
CAST: Martin Henderson, Jesse L Martin, Laura Allen, Perrey Reeves, Nicole Ari Parker

STUDIO: Universal TV/Oni Press
TEAM:  Ryan Condal (w), Carlton Cuse (ep, showrunner), Eric Gitter (ep), Andy Borne (ep), Jeffrey Reiner (d)
LOGLINE: Supernatural Western follows the story of six mythical guns, each with its own other-worldly powers. Based on the Oni Press graphic novel.
CAST: Laura Ramsey, W. Earl Brown, Graham McTavish, Aldis Hodge

STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Rand Ravich (w, ep), Far Shariat (ep)
LOGLINE: Emotionally charged action thriller set in and around the world of Washington DC. It follows an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the epicenter of an international crisis on his first day on the job. He will need to cross moral and legal lines as he navigates the highest levels of power and corruption on his search for the truth.
CAST: Lance Gross, Halston Sage, Gillian Anderson, Rachael Taylor

WONDERLAND (will film off-cycle for midseason consideration)
STUDIO: Universal TV/Brillstein Entertainment/Dare To Pass
TEAM: Anthony Zuiker (ep), Whit Anderson (w), JoAnn Alfano (ep), Margaret Riley (ep), Matt Weinberg (ep)
LOGLINE: Set in the world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, Wonderland is set in modern times and centers on Alice and a new character, Clara. Seven years ago, Clara’s life took an unexplained turn for the worse, and a mysterious stranger tells her there may be an explanation after all… an explanation that lies in the fantastical world of Wonderland. To revive her dreams and get her life back on track, Clara must wage war against Wonderland’s reigning Queen, the woman we once knew as Alice.

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