The Pageantry® does not only follow competitions here in the Philippines, but most intently are those international tilts where international beauties compete head to head to win the coveted crown. There are numerous international competitions but there are five among the many that stood out from the rest. These pageants are the biggest, most prestigious, and the most popular ones, where winners go on to be successful in whatever fields they may foray into.

The Pageantry® adheres to the concept of Big 5 International Beauty Pageants. The Big 5, as it is commonly known, was conceptualized by the geniuses behind the pageant portal Missosology. It follows the 5 biggest and most sought-after crowns of the planet.

By theory, these pageants are equally important. They only differ in causes, style, staging, and traits being evaluated in a winner. One type of beauty may sell like hotcakes in one pageant, but may flop big time in another. The unpredictability brought by these distinctions and differences makes pageants more exciting than ever.
For non-pageant fans, distinguishing these 5 pageants from one another would be a bit difficult. I usually spend quite an amount of time explaining to people these pageants, their origins, and the traits that make them different from the other. So The Pageantry® will try to explain in this post the so-called Big 5 international beauty pageants.

Miss Universe is by far the most popular in the Philippines. Many little girls would dream of someday wearing the country’s sash and wear the crown and become the Miss Universe. The love of Filipinos in Miss Universe can be attributed to two factors: that the Philippines is a former American colony thus the strong affinity with the American pageant, and that the first Miss Universe winner married a Filipino and eventually settled in the country.

miss universe
Miss Universe boasts the biggest following among the Big 5 pageants in terms of TV viewership, media coverage, and social media presence. In fact, it has larger number of Facebook likes than the rest of the Big 5, combined. It is not surprising considering that Miss Universe Finals is the most entertaining and most exciting.

Miss World, on the other hand, is the oldest international beauty pageant. It is based in the United Kingdom and boasts the biggest number of participants annually. While Miss Universe usually have 80 to 90 delegates, Miss World surpasses the 100-mark every year. While this can be attributed to the participation of many territories that are part of larger countries which are not allowed to compete in Miss Universe. Nevertheless, Miss World sets itself apart from other pageants through its active charity and humanitarian works.

miss world
Miss World participants are usually topnotch delegates and are crowned winners due to the refusal of Miss World Organization for countries to send delegates who were runner-ups to girls sent for Miss Universe. While it pales in comparison with Miss Universe in its following, Miss World still ranks second in television viewing, media coverage and social media presence.

Miss Earth is the Philippine-based pageant which rocked the international pageant scene upon its inception with its unique and very relevant cause. It is a pageant where girls talk and discuss climate change, water conservation, and protecting the wildlife. Due to its environmental message, the second youngest among the Big 5 is also second in terms of participating countries next to Miss World.

miss earth
Despite its infancy, Miss Earth was able to overcome the odds and was able to secure respected national organizations such as Miss France and Miss Venezuela to include a delegate for Miss Earth among its winners. Personally, I view Miss Earth as a pageant bringing beauty tilts to a whole new level. It is because candidates in Miss Earth are not only expected to be physically beautiful and fit but they must also be well-spoken and very bright to serve as the ambassador and spokesperson for the fight against climate change and other environmental issues.

Miss International, the Japanese-owned pageant, is the the third oldest international beauty pageant next to Miss World and Miss Universe. It is also the most traditional among the Big 5 and is being held annually despite the absence of an international TV telecast. It is very traditional at a point that it is the only major international pageant without a winner eventually dethroned and it crowns ladies who are indisputably beautiful.

miss international
It has the smallest number of participants among the Big 5 and has the least social media following. However, it still ranks third next to Miss Universe and Miss World in terms of global media coverage. Due to its age and reputation of being fair, Miss International is still being considered as an important crown by many countries even though it is no longer being broadcast. I personally love Miss International for its strong adherence to tradition and it is very refreshing to have a pageant which remains relevant even without giving in to changes brought by modern times.

And the youngest among the Big 5 is Miss Supranational which is based in Poland. The organizers, recognizing the difficulty of mounting a pageant that would equal, if not surpass, the more established ones, focused on the production values of the pageant. Year after year, Miss Supranational had one of the most spectacular stages among the international beauty pageants. It ranks third next to Miss Universe and Miss World in terms Facebook following and fourth in terms of participating countries next to Miss World, Miss Earth, and Miss Universe. It is also unique among the Big 5 since it has no Question and Answer Round during the finals night. The winner is solely being judged on looks, stage presence, and modeling skills.

miss supranational

There you have it, the Big 5 international beauty pageants. So far, there is only one country which was able to win all of these five crowns. It is none other than my country, the Philippines. With three Miss Universe titles, one Miss World, three Miss Earth, five Miss International, and one Miss Supranational as of this writing, Philippines is undeniably a pageant powerhouse.

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