Congratulations to :

Miss Tourism International 2016

  1. Ariel Pearse (New Zealand) – Miss Tourism International 2016/17
  2. Thaina Carolina Maglhaes Peres (Brazil) – Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International 2016/17
  3. Tasha Laraine Ross (Australia) – Miss Tourism Global 2016/17
  4. Ximena Delgado Mendez (Mexico) –  Dreamgirl of the Year International 2016/17
  5. Dikna Faradiba Maharani (Indonesia) – Miss South East Asia Tourism Ambassadress 2016/17

Above are the top 5 main titles.  Beside the top 5 main titles, there also have 15 additional subsidiary titles, each adopted by the Pageant sponsors. They are:

  1. Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter – won by Mao Kaneko (Japan)
  2. Miss Whoosh Glamorous – won by Ximena Delgado Mendez (Mexico)
  3. Miss Friendship – won by Grace Hanson Gardner (Denmark)
  4. Miss GINTELL Wellness – won by Justine Mae San Jose (Philippines)
  5. Miss Glowing Glojas – won by Dikna Faradiba Maharani (Indonesia)
  6. Most Prolific in Social Media – won by Pinicha Kitkasempongsa (Thailand), Dikna Faradiba Maharani (Indonesia), Polli Cannabis (Belarus)
  7. Best in Talent – won by Ng Shin Ying (Malaysia)
  8. Best in National Costume – won by Dikna Faradiba Maharani (Indonesia), Claudia Veronica Perez Maldonado (Guatemala), Pham Thi Thuy Linh (Vietnam)
  9. Best in Evening Wear – won by Julia Laura Andrea Frison Paredes (Paraguay), Nadia Nascimento (Swaziland), Pinicha Kitkasempongsa (Thailand)

Source: Miss Tourism International